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Presentation: Welcome to the home page of Lion 1906. All the tools you need to find the position of any town in France now at your fingertips! Longitude, latitude, postal or INSEE codes, plus all surrounding towns.

What's hot? All the latest news and updates on Lion1906.

Previous sites
Previous sites: The two previous versions of Lion1906.

Forum: Exchange, share, inform, discuss, ask, answer... Open to everyone!

Site map
Site map: The main pages of Lion1906 in the blink of an eye!

Updates: The evolutions of Lion1906 and future improvements


Geolocation: Pinpoint any French town in the whole country or in a given département.

Orthodromy: Work out the exact as-the-crow-flies distance between two towns.

Proximity: Find out which other towns exist around any given place (town or coordinates).

Postal codes
Postal codes: Find a town using its postal code - or the other way round.

INSEE codes: Find a town using its INSEE code - or the other way round.

Interactive map
Interactive map: Clickable map of France.


Glossary: All the definitions of usual terms in alphabetical order.

Orthodromy & Co.
Orthodromics and Direction: Lion1906's main topics in more detail.

Départements and towns
Distances between any two towns in any given French département.

About Lion1906
About the website: Origins and details on how Lion1906 works.

FAQ, help & features
Help & FAQ: Everything you need to know about Lion1906. FAQs on how to use the website.

Related articles
Articles: Miscellaneous information...
Orthodromic formula
Postal and INSEE codes


Conversion - Direction: Calculate directions and perform degree-minute-second, decimal degree and radian conversions.

Links: Other websites directly or indirectly related to orthodromy and navigation.

WebTools: Build your own customised maps.

Download: database and miscellaneous utilities.


About the webmaster
Webmaster: The somewhat personal page of your devoted webmaster...

Guest book
Guest book: Want to congratulate the webmaster? Just sign here :)

Contact me
Contact: Want to suggest new functions or improvements? Share your views...

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