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 Sujet : Regional Division in France & Election In Fren... (par Jhoya le 26/02/2015 à 09:36) Répondre 
Message :
Bonjour hi guys!
Sorry i cant really well speak french so i just had to use my english .
So i am trying to writte a paper about French Election , how the French do it ,what association that watches over the election while its happening, and stuff that pretty much the same with those .
Any way before that ,i'll ask this
I know that in many country they devide the region into some department an so on,as in france there's these 'Region,Departement,Arrondissement,Canton et Commune.
My main concern about this , is that how does it order ?from the largest one 'Region' to the smallest one?i cant really figure it out,but my guess is ,Region-Departement-Canton-Arrondissement-Commune.Is that correct?If not what is the correct order ?And my second question is what are the simmilar words in english for those division i mention before?
Maybe like arrondissement is the same with town / city .What are the others simmiliar meaning in English?
Then my next question is ,how many are there the election in France other than the election for the president?
How is the system ?like uninominal,plurinominal,propotionelle ,what are those ?
Thanks that just for now maybe latter i'll add some more ,thanks !

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