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This page is mainly for those of you wishing to create personalized maps. The tool offered here can be used by anyone to draw or print maps. A special version for webmasters is also available: the goal is to display a personalized map on remote websites. Here are the different options offered:

  • Display maps with different background colors, map colors and outline colors.
  • Choose between a map of France or a departement.
  • Select one or more towns and show them on the map.
  • Print the maps as PDF (and the list of towns if needed).

This is entirely free. You can print and use the results as you wish. You're free to distribute the PDFs generated on this website.
The webmaster's version is also free.

The programs can be found here (pop-ups must be allowed):
GéCaDeL (Departement maps).
GéCaFLi (Maps of France).

Here are a few examples:

Map of France Departement map

Print (PDF)

Select one or

more towns

Select colors Different dimensions


neighboring departements

Display the towns

in the departement

And now for webmasters, the technical aspects:

  • How it works
  • Implementation

1. It's simple: all you need to do is insert a little code in your HTML pages. The code is similar to some ads. In fact, it's just a script executed by Lion1906 and as a result of the query the requested image will display where the code is inserted. The code is called by your website and it will call an image downloaded from

2. Technically speaking, the code is similar to this (in italics on a yellow background):

  • First, the parameters:
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    var lion_commune=new Array();
    var lion_dpt_couleur_fond=new Array();

lion_image_bordure=1; //frame around the image (size in pixels, set to 0 for no frame)
lion_taille_image=500; //image size in pixels (max. 1000)
lion_carte="59"; //fr for a map of France or departement number (01 to 95, 2A or 2B for Corsica) - overseas departements and territories not supported


  • Departement maps:
    lion_carte_couleur_fond="cccccc"; //map background color (in hex with no "#")
    lion_carte_couleur="888888"; //departement color (in hex with no "#")
    lion_carte_couleur_contour="0000ff"; //departement outline color (in hex with no "#")
    lion_carte_epaisseur_contour="5"; //outline thickness (in pixels from 1 to 9)
    lion_affiche_communes="oui"; //"oui" or "non": shows or hides all the towns listed on the departement defined by "lion_carte"
    lion_affiche_communes_couleur="666666"; //if "lion_affiche_communes" set to oui, defines the town color in hex (with no "#")
    lion_affiche_communes_contour="3"; //if "lion_affiche_communes" set to oui, defines the town size in pixels
    lion_affiche_dpts_voisins="oui"; //optional : if "oui", displays surrounding departements (parameter below required)
    lion_couleur_dpts_voisins="222222"; //if "lion_affiche_dpts_voisins" set to oui, defines the surrounding departement outline color (ignored if "lion_affiche_dpts_voisins" set to non or empty)
    lion_communes_surbrillance="00ff00"; //color of the towns you want to show (in hex with no "#")
    lion_commune.push('59199'); //highlights a town based on its 5-digit INSEE code (can be repeated as many times as necessary as long as the towns are in the same departement)

  • Maps of France:
    lion_carte_couleur_fond="FFFFFF"; //background color (in hex with no "#")
    lion_carte_couleur_contour="0000FF"; //departement outline color (in hex with no "#")
    lion_dpt_couleur_fond[x]="FFFFFF"; //departement x background color (optional, with x ranging from 1 to 95 with 20 and 96 for Corsica)
    lion_communes_surbrillance="00FF00"; //color of the towns you wish to show (in hex with no "#")
    lion_commune.push('xxxxx'); //shows a town based on its 5-digit INSEE code (can be repeated as many times as necessary)

  • To finish:
    <script type="text/javascript"

Here are a few examples:

Want to ask a question? Please visit the forum.

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