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Lion1906: Interactive geolocation, Orthodromy and Navigation.

Welcome to Lion1906! (Updated: 09-June-2010)

  • Locate any French town on a map of the whole country or departement map,
  • Calculate great-circle distances between any two towns (orthodromy),
  • Find which towns lie next to the town you're looking for,
  • Show satellite views or town maps,
  • Design personalized maps of France or departement maps,
  • Find general information about any town in France: latitude, longitude, postal code, INSEE code, etc.,
  • Print search results as PDF. V3 offers a wealth of information, calculations, and various applications relating to navigation, cartography and the positioning of French towns.
You will also find information related to geography, great-circle distances (orthodromy), loxodromy, navigation, course calculations, and geolocation (on a map of France or departement maps). In addition, you can also search towns by name, postal code, INSEE code or geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), find the population or density of a given town, run geo-proximity searches by latitude and longitude, create and show interactive maps, and find a few explanations on how the website works.

A forum is now available where you can ask and answer questions and discuss with other visitors.

lion1906 V2

All the calculations and applications on this website rely on a database containing the latitudes and longitudes of all the towns in France. To create this database, I've merged different files that can easily be found on the Web. For those of you wishing to download the data, you will find a thread on this subject in the forum with different links. The database used on this website can be found in the Downloads section.
The third version of Lion1906 is very different from the previous ones - although the same functionality was retained. It took me a couple of months of intense programming to design the new V3 and bring the new features to life or improve the existing ones:

  • Locate French towns on a map of the whole country or a departement map,
  • Display detailed information about the searched town: latitude, longitude, population, density, other towns near by,
  • List the towns in a given departement - including great-circle distance between them - and show them on a map,
  • Print documents as PDF,
  • The database now includes the population and surface of every town and is more reliable. For records other than towns, you can still see the first release of Lion1906,
  • The graphical interface was totally revamped, it's now more 'lightweight' and as a result it all runs faster than version 2,
  • The programming code and overall ergonomics have been optimized,
  • New map generation programs are available: GéCaFLi and GéCaDeL,
  • Satellite views and town maps powered by Google Maps,
  • More detailed content and interactive services (create or print personalized maps. Webmasters can also show the maps on their own websites).

My first website is still online for those of you who would like to see it again or discover how I started (note that it relies on an older database that contains other locations no longer included in the current database i.e. villages, lakes, 'lieux-dits', forests, mounts, ancient towns, etc.).

Enjoy your visit!

This is a personal website. It is in no way related to any company whatsoever and is fully independent. All the scripts - forum, visitor's book, search engines, dynamic images - used on this website are entirely developed by myself.
The programs rely on free databases (latitude and longitude) that can easily be found on the internet. Although I've done my best to produce a very reliable database, there may still be wrong or missing information. I cannot be held responsible for wrong calculations resulting from the use of the programs on this website. However, I always try to correct the errors reported to me as soon as I can.

And, as I said, the databases can easily be found and downloaded on the Web (there are even multiple sources available out there)... And also, because more and more people are asking if I can e-mail the databases, I've inserted a direct download link on this website and you can also easily find similar sources on google... Feel free to use the forum, your feedback is always appreciated.

Lionel Delvarre

Best viewed in 1024x768 or higher.

Text editor used: Gbepad (Thank you Grégory, this is great software!)

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